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Warhammer 40k Tournament - 6/15/2024 RTT

Warhammer 40k Tournament - 6/15/2024 RTT

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Event Info: Location: Badger Central Bookstore, College Union Building, 500 SW 24th Ave, Amarillo, TX 79109. Date: 6/15/2024. Entry fee: $20 online / $25 at the door . 32 Spots available. Rounds: 3. 

Pairing method: 1st Round: Random. 2nd & 3rd: Win/Loss record then battle points

Tickets:  Purchase tickets on this website for $20, or on the day of the event for $25.

After purchasing a virtual ticket, a code will be sent to your email that allows you to to submit your list on Best Coast Pairings (BCP).

Event is operated through Best Coast Pairings. Please have app downloaded and ready before the event start. If you need help, please email

Event Schedule: Venue Open: 9:00 AM, Check in: 9:00 AM, First Round: 10:00 AM

Painting Requirement: No painting requirement. All players will start with the base 10 points for each event round. Heavily converted models, alternative 3d printed models, and placeholder models must be pre-approved by the Tournament Organizer (TO) before the list submission deadline. Please submit pictures and request approval to

Format Tables are 44”x60”. Terrain layouts are player placed terrain.  Mechanics on this are forthcoming.  2000 Points, Strike Force battles. Missions are from the Leviathan Tournament mission pool.

Please keep score and optionally draw cards using the Tabletop Battles app.

In the event of an odd number of players, a bye player will be randomly chosen. This player will receive a win and 70 battle points. This player can choose to play a ringer.

Prizes First Place: Trophy and large box set. Second Place: Trophy and medium box set. Third place: Trophy and small box set. 

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